mouvee The Video Editing Software


Comprehensive main view

Comprehensive main view

I must say that when I tried the first time this video editing software I was expecting a complete software but with a need of an expert to make it work properly, I couldn’t be more wrong.


The muvee comes with a full flange of optimizations and fully automated features that allow even the most inexperienced user, to create wonderful videos from their everyday and special occasions recording alike.

The Style template feature permits you to change your video like a professional, while you can complete your story with designed effects, fonts, and captions, which were normally domain of far more expensive software, not mentioning the necessary knowledge requested.

If you like and you have the experience to do it, you can of course completely manually edit you videos, without any of the muvee software’s automatic functions.

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Give It a Thumb!

Adding curtains or frame your videos haven’t been easier with muvee. Just grab the frame you like for a certain part of your shoot, or for every scene as you wish, the apply it to see the magic works out. You can even add thumbs up or down for those moments you want to emphasize. I did that for one’s of mine where my son where driving his bike for the first time without aid, thumbs up Champion!


Editing your Picture

You can even edit your pictures adding fantastic stickers or filters, personalizing your photos with your own style. Borders are available like cute designs for kids. Once you’ve finished you can share them with your friends on Facebook, the option is just there.


Share Your Projects

With just one file to share in order to move a muvee project, you can share it with your colleagues or friends to work in team, or just bring it with you in your portable device, where you want, when you want.

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