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3000W SMA



among home Solar Panel Kits this Complete DIY Grid-Tie Solar Kit is the perfect entry into residential solar systems.

To eliminate the impact of heating or running a air conditioner, this implant, capable of 335kWh per month, is more than enough. A mid range user may save 1/2 of his dollar part of the bill thanks to a probable offset of 1/3 of his medium consumption.

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I reckon that the power generated by this system is good for:

  • Those with an average to high electric bill
  • Pool owners, or people at home all day
  • Those who have an average size roof of 400 square feet (37.16 square meters)
  • A Complete Solar Kit for everyone that is well created, controlled, and selected before been packaged and shipped.

Each Solar Kit Includes:


High Quality Solar Panels

this Solar Kit is based on field proven, high performance modules (also known as solar panels or collectors). The industry change quickly. Generally, wattages are increasing AND prices are going down. This Solar panel Kit is based on a module that have a good average between cost and power generated. This means it always a good deal to have a kit like this.


The number of feet, flashings, rails, splice kits, and clamps will be determined from your final plan set. the kit will come with flashings and sealant.

you will need to know the type of roof you have. the inclination of the roof and the position can impact a lot on the performance.


1 SMA Sunnyboy Grid Tie Inverter

This system gives you the best string inverter and micro-inverters in the market. All inverters used are deeply tested and the manufacturer technical and customer support are first class service.


All conductors are included in That Solar Guy kits.

DC module home runs are included, they are been inspected and crimped.

All the DC conductors from the roof j-box down to the inverter are included.

All the AC wire from the inverter to the AC Disco and Main Service Panel is included.

All your grounding wire is included as well.

Conduit and BOS

Finding another Solar Kit like this on Internet is very difficult. this solar kit comes with a complete Balance of System.


The skills required to install a complete solar kit is above the medium homeowner’s skills, do not underestimate this task. Each task is rather simple, but you will be working at heights, on a angle, probably in the heat of the bright sun, working with power tools, hoisting large expensive pieces of glass up ladders and across a roof peppered with racking and wiring.

Another point of attention is that working with DC voltages (300V DC or more) and house power of 240V AC, is dangerous and must be taken seriously. You should be good with simple math and be mechanically inclined. Anyway what’s best then looking at your self assembled solar system that works and make you saving a lot of money every months? Try to install this system if you think you’re up to the task or you  think to buy solar panel and a do it your self system.

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