Thanks for visiting my website, my name is Marco Volpe, I’ve a background in Electronics and a degree in IT engineering, I also worked for 15 years in Electronics and IT fields for large companies in Europe.

After many years in this fields I have learn how a good electronic device should be built, following qualities standards and how much such device should cost to be a fair balance between price and performances.

I decided then to start researching for good products on the markets that respect my idea of cost/performance and I’ve found out that many devices are very well built but cost too much and many others are poor on quality but very cheap. Finding the right balance isn’t easy but based on my experience I’ve found out that this is possible and many manufacturers really release good products that cost the right price for the kind of device and the performances the device is capable of.

This website provide detailed reviews on some of these devices that I’ve found out to be the top of their category for price, quality and performances, so that the readers could make up their minds and find the right products for them.

Have a good reading on my site,

Marco Volpe